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GA’s 3 Promises to you

We make three promises to all of our clients. Together these promises are the cornerstones of our business:

We select our trainers based on their ability to strike the perfect balance between imparting knowledge and keeping the course interesting at all times. Our trainers combine lively presentation with an engaging style of training delivery.

What this means to you
All delegates are kept interested and totally engaged throughout the training. Subjects which may have historically been viewed as potentially dry are brought to life during the course with relevant examples to demonstrate.

Your training consultant will always be a current practitioner in their respective field. We do not use career trainers and all of our consultants are carefully selected to ensure they are still active within their specialist areas.

What this means to you
All delegates are trained by knowledgeable and respected training consultants who can always make the course relevant.

Our course administration and account management services will look after you throughout the training. Whether you are attending an open course or setting up an in-company training solution you will be supported throughout by your dedicated course account manager and administrator. We will ensure that booking training is quick, easy and hassle-free.”

What this means to you
You can relax and get on with your day job as we will do the rest for you.

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Do you need some reassurance before you book a course?

Why not talk direct to the training consultant who will be delivering the course, before making a booking?

If you would like to talk to a specialist training consultant to understand if a course is right for you or to get reassurance that we will tailor an in-company course to meet your exact requirements then let us know.

We will set everything up for a no-obligation diagnostic and needs analysis.

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