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Understanding the Mf1 Contract – Course Details

1 day

What is this course about?
Now in its 6th revision this popular engineering contract is a key industry standard for the supply of electrical, electronic or mechanical plant with erection.

GA’s Understanding the MF1 Contract training course looks at every aspect of this popular engineering contract and also covers the small but highly significant changes which have been included in revision 6.

During the course the principles of law which are common to all engineering contracts are discussed and related back in a practical and easy to apply way.

This is a specialised one-day course in which every aspect of the popular MF1 engineering contract will be examined, explained and related to the principles of law applicable to all engineering contracts. This course provides an in-depth study of one of the most widespread engineering contracts in use today, and aims to ensure that all engineers and managers using this particular contract will be confident that they ‘speak the same language’ and fully understand each other.

Key topics covered

  1. Understanding Revision 6
  2. The format of the MF1
  3. Negotiating with MF1
  4. Key clauses
  5. Title to goods: insurance and indemnities
  6. Testing and handing over
  7. Defects liability and limits of liability
  8. MF1 documentation
  9. Summing up / Evaluation of MF1

Who would benefit?

  • Engineering managers
  • Engineers aiming to make a transition to managerial positions
  • Estimators
  • Project managers and contract managers
  • Buyers and sellers of engineering products or services
  • Tender and proposals engineers

At the end of the course those who have attended will:

  • Become completely familiar with this contract and be able to obtain maximum benefit from its use
  • Understand the documentation involved and the content of the contract
  • Understand structure of contract and variants in structure
  • Learn the techniques of negotiating with this contract and be able to take advantage of the options available to you
  • Know what to look for in a good engineering contract. This will benefit even those who do not normally use this particular form of contract

Key topics covered

1. Understanding Revision 6

  • Analysing the changes included in revision 6
  • What do these changes mean to you?

2. The format of the MF1

  • What does MF1 contain?
  • What are its benefits?
  • How is it laid out?
  • How does it relate to other contracts?
  • The different revisions and the reasons for them
  • Scope for the use of MF1; and its derivatives MF2 and MF3
  • Is MF1 suitable for overseas or international contracts?

3. Negotiating with MF1

  • Using the standard form
  • Using non-standard variants
  • Understanding amendments proposed by other parties
  • Using the appendix
  • Using the aide-memoire for special conditions
  • Altering the order of precedence of documents
  • Using the special conditions provided for specific types of contract

4. Key clauses

  • Key clauses about obligations
  • Key clauses that assist good project management
  • Key clauses that may affect the contract value
  • Key clauses about time, progress and delay
  • Practical clauses
  • The variations clause

5. Title to goods: insurance and indemnities

  • When does title pass?
  • Why does this matter?
  • What are the insurance obligations and the different types of insurance to be affected?
  • Who indemnifies whom and in what respects?
  • What are the agreed risks of the parties?

6. Testing and handing over

  • The three different types of test and their implications
  • ‘Taking over’: when it occurs and what it means
  • ‘Performance tests’: what are they and what does MF1 provide for?
  • How do liquidated damages relate to tests?
  • Understanding the special conditions

7. Defects liability and limits of liability

  • The provisions about defects liability
  • Limits of liability
  • The commercial realities

8. MF1 documentation

  • The MF1 Form of Agreement
  • The MF1 Form of Variation Order
  • The MF1 Form of Performance Bond

9. Summing up

  • Evaluation of MF1
  • Open forum for questions

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