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Multi-cultural Business – Course Details

2 days

What is this course about?

A multi-cultural business environment is becoming more and more the normal experience of companies in Europe, with immigration, integration of overseas capabilities into everyday business functions and recruitment being guided by legislation and by corporate need to recruiting a more diverse work force. Because this is seen as a norm, sometimes the difficulties and challenges are not recognised and working within a multi-cultural environment can lead to difficulties where the opportunities of different perspectives, different approaches and different understandings are lost. This course is designed to make people look afresh at the issue and develop multi-cultural business as a positive element in their business.

We start with the skills and experience that people already have but may not be aware of and build on that positive starting point, bringing out the opportunities and the challenges in a way that gives people greater confidence.

It has a number of similarities to the course on working across different business cultures but the focus is on making diversity work for the individuals and the company.

Key topics covered

  1. Analysis of the implications of multi-cultural working environments
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of such a working environment
  3. Creating a management plan
  4. Methods of planning the management and direction of such environments
  5. Methods of developing the full potential of such an environment
  6. Simulations and discussion
  7. Communication best practice.

Who would benefit?

  • Senior executives and managers
  • Sales and marketing directors
  • HR senior management
  • Board members


  • To create an awareness of the opportunities and difficulties presented by a multi-cultural working environment
  • To develop a management ethos which is broadly based and aware of the issues and the sensitivities
  • To create a team mentality across the different groupings
  • To create strategies for dealing with the issues that arise
  • To change the board’s understanding of the pressures and opportunities given by a multi-cultural environment.

Key topics covered

1. Analysis of the implications of multi-cultural business environments

  • What differs
  • What remains the same
  • Creating coherence our of diversity – including the limits
  • How does it affect our daily working life

2. Sensitivities

  • What are the flash points
  • How can we understand the full range of flashpoints without in-depth knowledge of each culture
  • Creating the management plan
  • Sharing the management plan

3. What remains common

  • The irreducible minimum of common standards and approach
  • How to handle disagreement
  • How to handle agreement
  • What is meant by a common purpose
  • How to understand and develop priorities that are common

4. Strengths and weaknesses of a multicultural business environment

  • The positives, negatives, opportunities and threats
  • Mitigating weaknesses, building on strengths
  • Exploiting opportunities and eliminating threats
  • Self-assessment
  • Team assessment

5. Communication

  • Forms and content
  • Appropriate medium
  • Changing perceptions of each medium
  • Language skills
  • Transactional analysis
  • Chairing skills for teleconferences
  • What makes good communication

6. Communication plan

  • Who, what, when, how
  • Assessment of communication needs and forms of communicating
  • Developing and implementing a communication plan
  • Understanding how successful it is

7. Building the diversity into a coherent powerhouse

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Leadership as the most valuable concept in this environment
  • Stereotypes – strengths and weaknesses
  • Humour
  • Reporting
  • Knowing when you have a team and when individual achievement is best encouraged in this environment

8. Reviewing and adapting

  • How have you been successful
  • Where have you been unsuccessful
  • Lessons to be drawn
  • The management plan
  • Ensuring coherence, consistency and execution of the plan
  • Monthly, quarterly reviews
  • Learning points for other teams.

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