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Successfully Managing Suppliers – Course Details

1 day

What is this course about?
This programme has been designed to help managers and staff gets the best out of their suppliers. It explores and explains how to ensure that suppliers and service providers deliver value for money, and demonstrates a simple yet effective approach to managing suppliers so that they deliver on time and to the required quality. The programme provides opportunities for those with real supplier-related issues to discuss them and consider solutions. Programme participants will receive a practical “toolkit” which contains a number of simple and effective tools which can be used to secure value for money and supplier performance.

The course is delivered using an interactive approach with exercises, case scenarios and examples used, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions

Key topics covered

  1. The essentials of monitoring and measuring supplier performance
  2. Preventing problems: supplier due diligence, and ensuring the right supplier is selected
  3. Resolving supplier problems
  4. A workshop session – Best-in-Class Supplier Management

Who would benefit?
This course is suitable for technical, operational and commercial staff who have responsibility for managing the performance of suppliers and service providers. This includes

  • Contract managers / officers
  • Engineering and technical staff
  • Finance Managers
  • Project managers
  • Buyers

The course will also be relevant to suppliers looking to understand how to work effectively with client staff.

The programme has three main objectives:

  • To create a strong awareness of good practice when engaging with and managing suppliers and service providers
  • To explore and explain a number of simple but effective ways of ensuring that customers gets value for money in all of its dealings with suppliers
  • To provide a series of practical, simple and time-effective tools which can be used to manage suppliers, and ensure that they perform satisfactorily

As a result of attending this training course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand principles and practices of successful supplier management
  • Significantly reduce the incidence of supplier poor performance
  • Take away a number of practical; supplier management tools

Key topics covered

1. The essentials of monitoring and measuring supplier performance

  • Are there bad suppliers, or do we just manage them badly?
    – An introductory case study setting put the essentials of supplier measurement and management which need to be in place
  • How do world class organisations manage their suppliers, and what can we learn from them?
    – Their approach to procurement, contracts and Supply Chain Management
    – Partnerships, strategic and preferred suppliers
    – The supplier measurement and management processes and capabilities needed to be successful
  • The need to monitor and measure supplier performance
  • Developing strategies for managing suppliers – a practical approach
    – Differentiating between different types of suppliers (directs and indirects, goods and services, imports and home produced, strategic, preferred and key suppliers)
    – Latest thinking and trends
    – Prevention of problems rather than resolving problems

2. Preventing problems: supplier due diligence, and ensuring the right supplier is selected

  • The value chain model – differentiating between the cheapest and the best suppliers, and aligning with category management and procurement thinking
  • What could possibly go wrong?
    – a case study which gives participants an opportunity to consider best practice approaches to due diligence
  • Supplier due diligence- Supplier pre-qualification
    – Supplier audits
    – Financial, quality, capability and capacity issues
  • World Class supplier monitoring and management tools:
    – SPC
    – FMEA
    – Quality Management systems including ISO 9000, the Sheikh Khalifa Quality Award and industry specific standards and awards
    – Strategic sourcing and category management
  • Supplier optimisation
    – a review of the approaches which have been adopted to ensure that companies deal with fewer, better suppliers

3. Resolving supplier problems

  • An In Tray exercise – Participants are asked to explain how they would deal with six typical supplier problems. The problems cover:
    – Inadequate supplier resources
    – Poor quality engineering processes
    – Inadequate supplier cost control
    – Failure to meet agreed KPI’s
    – Late deliveries and
    – Supplier’s meeting KPI’s but performing badly in other areas
  • Getting the supplier to perform – a discussion of techniques which can be used to improve supplier performance
  • Action Planning – the steps which can be taken to move closer to world class supplier measuring and monitoring

4. A workshop session

The final session of the day is used to allow discussion of particular supplier-related problems encountered by participants.

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